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Vieng's Kitchen

“Some of the challenges of being a Lao business is definitely the lack of voice”

What's the name of your business and how did you come up with it?

My name is Vieng Thavone and my business started as early as 2009. I’ve always showed my love and passion for cooking and even when working at a local Thai restaurant as my 9-5, never was I ever tired of cooking. I always had some catering requests here and there for friends parties but it wasn’t till the pandemic hit I decided to branch out on social media. Due to the pandemic I lost my job and switched to making lunch boxes and party trays full time.

What are your inspirations for being in the food industry?

My inspirations definitely have something to do with connecting back to where I came from. Growing up I watched my father’s amazing culinary skills and grasped on from there.

What were some of your challenges being a Lao business?

Some of the challenges of being a Lao business is definitely the lack of voice. Other than Lao food I also cater to other items such as Chow Mein and Fried Rice and I probably have made more sales in that than what I want to have sales in which is Lao food.

What advice would you give to someone based on your experience?

Don’t give up. My goal right now is to open a small food truck and I can’t even say that I’m half way there. Set a plan and go along with it. It’s okay for your plan to go the other direction. You just need to pick yourself up from it

What's your favorite Lao dish?

Laab Ngua Phao, Gang Kee Lek and Aor Lam

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