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Owner of Laos To Your House

“We came up with name because we literally want to bring the Lao cuisine and culture to your house.”

What's the name of your business and how did you come up with it?

Our virtual restaurant is affectionately called “Laos To Your House”. We came up with name because we literally want to bring the Lao cuisine and culture to your house. It’s also cute that it rhymes! 😊

What are your inspirations for being in the food industry?

My mom was an amazing cook, and she loved sharing her culinary creations with not only family and Lao friends but also her new American friends. My brother is blessed with the the same cooking abilities as our mom. Our mom passed a few years back, so we are doing this for her memory and legacy. We want to bring the Lao cuisine to Chicago!

What were some of your challenges being a Lao business?

We are very new (launched in July 2022) so haven’t seen the challenges just yet. The Asian community has been very supportive so far, and we are truly grateful for the support! We were recently featured in The Chicago Tribune, and we are getting more awareness from customers excited to try a new cuisine!!

What advice would you give to someone based on your experience?

I feel that we are too early in our business venture to share advice. I will say though that an entrepreneur should create a mission that they truly believe in and keep striving to succeed at that mission!

What's your favorite Lao dish?

I can only name one?! I have to name three lol. Nam khao, khao poon moo, and mok pa. I could name a few more, but I’ll keep it to three 

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