Khao Niew Lao Street Food

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Khao Niew Lao Street Food
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Family owned Lao Restaurant and Bar located in Portland, OR serving authentic Lao food.

Khao Niew is a family-owned restaurant and bar that serves high quality Lao food. We are firm believers in Lao food, we believe that it’s unique and this is a missing gem that everyone out there needs to try at least once in their lives.

Our business was started between our siblings in 2015. Khao Niew means "sticky rice" in Lao. When we first opened, we knew that, as we venture through this journey together, we will always stick together as a family, just like sticky rice. Hence, the reason why we named our restaurant Khao Niew.

We sell packaged goods as well (crispy chicken skin, chili oil, bpa dak, jaew som, jaew bong, etc.)

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4579 NE Cully Blvd

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